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Estate Planning: What You Need To Know

While it can be difficult to think about dying or communicating your wishes to your loved ones should unexpected illness or incapacity limit your abilities, an estate plan can be a crucial component of safeguarding your choices for medical treatment and who will handle your financial matters for you in the event you are unable to do so on your own. Estate planning can also prevent avoidable frustration and confusion for your family about your choices for distributing your assets or contending with estate taxes.

For over 10 years, the Law Offices of Russell M. Ozawa has assisted clients throughout Southern California prepare and update their estate plans. Selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers list by FindLaw, a division of Thomson Reuters, Russell can help you make informed decisions and critical choices in developing an estate plan personalized to your unique circumstances.

What Is An Estate Plan?

Estate plans are unique to the individual. Most estate plans comprise basic documents such as financial powers of attorney, advance health directives and wills. Some estate plans will include a trust. The process of estate planning includes naming agents to act on your behalf while you are alive and then an executor or successor trustee(s) to carry out your wishes when you are gone. These people have a tremendous responsibility, and your decisions should not be taken lightly. If you become incapacitated, they will be looked at to make decisions on your behalf. Whether it is for medical care or issues related to your estate, pick someone you would literally trust with your life.

This is why it is vital to work with an estate planning attorney who will take the time to get to know your values. Russell provides his clients with knowledgeable, compassionate counsel. He will help you tailor an estate plan to protect your individual and business interests and that will stand the test of time.

If you already have an estate plan but have recently gotten married, remarried, divorced, had a baby or lost a spouse, Russell can assist you with making the necessary adjustments to your existing estate plan.

Don’t Wait; Call Now

Understandably, many people become overwhelmed at the thought of creating and maintaining their estate plan. Having a helpful, knowledgeable attorney by your side can make all the difference. Russell often establishes long-term relationships with his clients, which is a testament to how much he cares. To schedule a free consultation, call his office in Pasadena at 424-396-2178 today. You can also fill out his online contact form. He serves clients in Los Angeles and Orange counties.