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For over a decade, the Law Offices of Russell M. Ozawa has helped clients throughout Southern California who need help establishing, ending or contesting a conservatorship. Attorney Russell M. Ozawa is known for being an approachable, practical and assertive legal advocate for his clients.

Understanding The Purpose Of Conservatorships

Conservatorships appoint one person or entity to be responsible for managing another adult’s finances and/or personal care. The court may appoint a conservator of the person or their estate or sometimes both, depending on the circumstances. This is because the person, generally known as the “conservatee,” is unable to care for himself or herself or is incapable of making sound financial decisions on their own.

While there are a range of conservatorships and even some alternatives, conservatorships are highly complex and are frequently subject to some level of emotional turmoil for the parties involved. The determination of whether a general or limited conservatorship is appropriate due to age, sudden disability or developmental disabilities relies on a multifaceted process.

Russell stays current with legislative updates and case law to protect his clients’ interests. He can help you establish this legal relationship as conservator and understand your responsibilities as a conservator. He can also assist you in contesting or ending a conservatorship if conservatorship is no longer appropriate or the right course of action. No matter what situation you are going through, he is ready to address your specific needs.

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Establishing, contesting or ending a conservatorship can be an upsetting experience without the assistance of an experienced attorney at your side. If you are contending with a conservatorship issue or have questions about other estate planning matters, call attorney Russell in Pasadena at 424-396-2178 today. You can also fill out his contact form online. He serves clients in Los Angeles and Orange counties.